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Lettings & Property Management

The estate agency also plays a central role in lettings and property management, in addition to bringing landlord and tenant together, in order to empower its brand and to improve its database.

Florence became a symbol of the Renaissance during the early Medici period (between the 15th and the 16th centuries) reaching extraordinary levels of economic and cultural development. The historic centre of Florence was named a world heritage site of UNESCO in 1982. Centro città immobiliare is located just a few steps from the Medici Chapels and city centre.

Surroundings and value

Often people come into the agency and when talking about the flat, house, fund or any other property in their name, they give a series of useful and important information but often not satisfactory in determining the actual value.

Only after an on-site inspection is it possible to give a complete valuation that takes into account a series of aspects, both material (location, type of building, proximity to shops, transports, etc.) and immaterial (Background, origins, expectations, etc.). 

Photographs are also taken at the time of the inspection, which subsequently allow me to advertise the property and understand whether the assessment made has an immediate impact.

Target identification

Each property has its own particular characteristics that allow me to identify the most suitable type of target and consequently to opt for one type of lease or another. My experience in the field helps me to understand what kind of income we can expect, which is the most important information for the landlord. 

From the proposal to the registration of the contract 

Once you have identified the type of contract you intend to make, you proceed with a rental proposal to be submitted to the landlord and then, if all goes well, you proceed with an appointment at the agency for the parties to sign and define all the details of the contract. After the signatures, the contract is registered and the landlord is given a copy of the original and the registration document.



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