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How to determine home value

Valuation is the central element on which much of the real estate business rests, as well as providing the opportunity to build a database of useful contacts over time.

Today, valuation services are available free of charge and conveniently virtual, but they do not always meet the expectations of those who commission them. Having the opportunity to explain and tell the story of a particular property, as well as seeing for yourself what we are talking about, is irreplaceable and cannot be commissioned from a software program.

How to gain the trust of owners

It is well known that trust has to be earned slowly, slowly, perhaps we could say house by house...

In the beginning, when we get to know someone, we rely on our feelings and our personal instincts, but if we have to sell, buy and/or rent we must have the perception that we are trusting the right person and we must trust them.

Many owners have bought under my advice and supervision, then asked me how to organise the space, crossing over into the field of restoration and home staging, and then entrusted the property to me to use the rental services.

Relationships are born and evolve according to needs, but it is only through trust that they can be maintained over time.


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