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People's Real Estate Dreams

My agency, centro città immobiliare, was born in 2001, after two years of apprenticeship in a real estate agency in the Oltrarno area. I understood almost immediately that in addition to being a job, people's real estate dreams (buying the first home, selling a property to buy, unlocking the true value of a property), would also become a passion. Born and raised in Switzerland, but of Italian origin, I graduated in foreign languages and literature and then moved permanently to Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance and a strategic city for an estate agency. 

The typical aspects of my profession

The human aspect is the core of my daily activity because I like working with and for people. Centro città real estate agency is located in the city center of Florence near Santa Maria Novella Station with a great visibility and is easy to reach.The constant passage of people, who stop to look at the shop window, allows me to build up a good database of contacts.

Accuracy, punctuality and authenticity are the characteristics that distinguish my activity.

The right value

One of the most important concepts on which the activity of an estate agency revolves is the value. Giving the right value to a property is difficult and requires preparation and experience that are difficult to have at an early stage of the business. Cost, value, appraisal are some of the terms used to indicate the price of a property.

There is also the worth that indicates what that particular property means to us and because we are driven by our emotions and feelings and do not know how the property market works, we can easily make a mistake.

The price is generally determined by the property market. What does this mean? It means that we take into account the sales and purchases made in that particular area, and in doing so we get the value of a particular property. Clearly, this is a starting point, to which a series of data and other information must be added to corroborate what the market has established.

After so many years in the business, unlocking the value is one of my strengths, precisely because before being a broker I am a person who has bought and sold and because the valuations I have provided have always led to satisfactory, concrete results.

My strengths

My activity consists of four main areas: sales services, rental services, valuation services and other services.



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